Our team

Our team is made of passionate people with interesting stories, brought together by the love and respect for the nature and authenticity.

Adina Camara

Owner, Director, National Guide

With Explore Romania since 2003

Born in 1979, studied economics and tourism management, fluent in English, French and Italian. Adina had been traveling and hiking around Romania since she can remember and so, starting her own travel agency seemed the normal step to take once she had graduated the university.  Besides her constant interest in outdoor activities, she values the villages, the countryside, among her goals being to contribute to the preservation of their longstanding traditions and gastronomy.  Her interest in agriculture has led her to get directly involved in organising agricultural study tours and to start a small apple orchard in her native area. Adina designs and guides a wide variety of tours. 

Andrei Nutu

Co-owner, Adventure Tours Manager, National Guide, Mountain Guide

With Explore Romania since 2003

Born in 1979, studied law and tourism, he is also a climbing coach, fluent in French and English. Former mountain rescuer, today a passionate climber and skier, competing in national climbing competitions, knowledgeable about history, nature, traditions and many other features of Romania, Andrei is responsible for the adventure tours.  Having had an important role in setting up our agency and in designing our tours, he is constantly in search for places and people who manage to stay authentic, being fascinated by ancestral traditions  and having a tremendous respect for nature. Andrei designs and guides an important part of our adventure tours.

Maria Andrunache

Co-owner, Travel Manager

With Explore Romania since 2011

Maria studied economics, fluent in English and fairly decent in French. While working in professional services and human resources, she discovered that travelling, something she was doing as often as possible, could become a full-time interest and job.  She is experienced in organizing group events and in working with individuals of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds, and this is helping her in preparing tailor made tours for a variety of interests, and also organizing in every detail these tours.

Our guides

Raluca Bolnavu

National guide & mountain guide

Born in 1989, fluent in English and French. Although she studied art, her true vocation came to surface during the university when she started studying Tourism Geography and now she has a Master Degree in Tourism Development. Today Raluca plays an important part in the Association of Professional Guides in Transylvania. Professional traveler by nature, she doesn’t think there is something more exciting than sharing the experience of traveling with others!

Ionut Maftei

National guide

Born in 1978, fluent in English and French. Ionut graduated economics; after working in business consulting and banking, in 2007 he started a new adventure as a guide and team building trainer. What initially started as a hobby is now his main activity. He is currently leading hiking and cycling groups all around Romania and he is participating in international meetings and events for promoting cultural sites, sustainable tourism and ecological projects. Other interests are wildlife photography and volunteering for sport events.

Diana Bolnavu

National guide

Born in 1989, studied music, fluent in English and French.After she graduated the Academy of Music she worked for several years as a music teacher and during this period she studied to become a tour guide as well, travelling being one of her life’s passions. After a while, guiding started to be more and more present in her life, and now it’s her first job. When she is not away guiding, she is teaching children and adults to have fun and relax through music.

Nicoleta Leonte

National guide

Nicoleta studied letters first but as her passion for tourism and agriculture evolved, she decided to study tourism and animal science, and today she has a PHD in `Transhumance and Ecological Rural Tourism`. She has first discovered Romania, by the eyes of her parents, who took her and her brother all around the country every holiday, since childhood. Since 2004 she started to work as an authorized tour guide. Nicoleta is fluent in French and English.

Silvana Rapeanu

National guide

Born in 1987, studied art history and critical theory, fluent in English and Spanish, decent in French and Italian. Currently learning Turkish. Silvana has worked as a guide in various places and institutions (art galleries, museums, sightseeing buses). Since 2017 she is a licensed national tour guide and loving every minute of it! Silvana is passionate about social history and arts. In her spare time you'll find her exploring the lesser known parts of Bucharest. Or dancing.

Silviu Balan

National guide; mountain guide; ski instructor

Silviu has been hiking since he was 3. Today he is a professional ski-mountaineering, professional sky-runner, licensed mountain guide and ski instructor, and the owner of the record on the Fagaras Ridge Traverse (80km with almost 6000 m elevation).  He likes to share with others the experience and the information he has gained.

Bianca Balan

National guide; mountain guide; ski instructor

Fluent in English, licensed mountain guide and ski instructor. In love with the mountains and passionate about everything that means movement, life and nature, Bianca takes advantage of every free moment to discover the beauties of the mountains. She is an active member of the Tourism and Nature Protection Club in Brasov.

Vlad Spiru

National guide & mountain guide

Fluent in English. Born in Bran area, Vlad has been hiking in the mountains since childhood.  As a result of his passion, he became a licensed mountain guide. Vlad enjoys the silence and sense of grandeur that nature can offer but he is also interested in learning the local customs, being delighted by the ways the nature, history and beliefs are shaping the societies. Vlad is a licensed mountain guide, as a result of his passion.

Ion Trandafir

Ski instructor & mountain guide

Born in 1974, studied physical education and sports, ski instructor, founder of Outdoor Romania, fluent in English and French.With 25 seasons on alpine and 15 seasons on big mountain, Ion has quite an impressive experience on skis.  He is a national and international freeride champion and he was four times on the cover of extreme sports magazines.  Everything in his life gravitates around outdoor sports and nature, and his entire family lives by the same philosophy.  They own a guesthouse in a very picturesque part of Romania, surrounded by mountains, where, besides the accommodation and the traditional food they offer, they promote sports and the respect for nature.