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One third of the Romanian territory consists of mountains – The Romanian Carpathians. Although not very high (2,544m – in Fagaras Mountains), they are extremely diverse.


The flora of the Carpathians includes more than 1,350 species, among which many endemic. Deep forest covers more than one quarter of the country’s surface, the largest remaining area of pristine forest on the continent. The fauna of these wild forests is also extremely rich and diverse. Here is to be found the highest concentration of large carnivores anywhere in Europe – about 6,000 brown bears (more than half of Europe’s bear population), about 3,500 wolves (over a third of Europe’s wolves), along with 2,000 lynx (35% of Europe’s lynx.


The Carpathians create wonderful scenery, with green valleys nestled between foothills ascending to wild crags or precipitous gorges.  

The altitude villages encountered on the way, the small summer lodges built for the time of the hay harvest, the secret shepherds` paths through forests and meadows will bring a unique, pastoral fragrance to your trekking experience. We make custom designed tours in accordance with your physical condition and other different requirements. The difficulty of the tours can vary from 2, 3 h easy walking to 7, 8 hours of trekking and scrambling. 


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