Alfonso the cat in Sucevita

A woman goes to work in the fields of Lapus Country

Hay harvest in Ieud

Hay harvest in Ieud

Hay harvest in Ieud

Romanian villages

Romania is a borderland of Europe, where East and West naturally meet. Urban dynamic hubs are growing one step away from tranquil islands of rural communities practicing a centuries-old lifestyle.

Sample Tour

For many foreigners, this tour is an immersion in the past, in a country where traditions are still present, where people in the countryside are preserving their primary relation with the nature around them and the members of the community are still strongly connected.During this tour you will have the opportunity to spend some nights in peasant houses, to taste our traditional dishes and wines, to enjoy everyday life and to take part in different activities , to visit local markets in different villages.  Depending on the planned period for your trip , we could arrange that the tour include attending traditional festivals and celebrations. Cooking and handicrafts are also among the activities you may also opt for during your stay.

We make custom designed itineraries, so please contact us for sample tours or questions.