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Border land of Europe, a country where East and West mix in a natural and creative way Effervescent society where changes happen in a dramatic rhythm.


For many foreigners, this tour is an immersion in the past, in a country where traditions are still alive, where people in the countryside haven’t lost their primary relation with the nature around and members of the community are still strongly connected.   


During this tour you have the opportunity to spend some nights in peasant houses, to taste the traditional dishes and wines, to enjoy everyday life and to take part in different works or in organizing different holidays, to visit local markets, to take cooking lessons and to witness and, if you desire, even learn traditional handicrafts. 

Depending on the time of the year you visit our country, we will arrange that the tour include visits to different traditional festivals and holidays in different villages. 

We make custom designed itineraries in accordance with your interests, so please contact us for sample tours or questions.

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