Visit to a cereal farm with a group of French farmers

Traditional sheep breeding

Constanta harbour - one of the biggest in Europe

Constanta harbour - one of the biggest in Europe

Constanta harbour - one of the biggest in Europe

Agricultural tours

As a consequence of the communist period, Romanian agriculture has a dual character, traditional and modern: 30 % of all agricultural land is operated by very small farms with no legal entity, subsistence or semi-subsistence farms. The bigger structures are few in number but work about 70% of the total agricultural land of the country.   

Sample Tour

The total agricultural land of Romania is of 14.7 million ha, making it the 9th place in Europe for agricultural area per capita (0.70 ha/person 2007 Eurostat) :  63% is represented by arable land, 34% - grassland, 2% - vineyards and orchards and 1% - gardens. As for the agricultural production: 65% is represented by the crop sector, 34% by the animal sector and 1% is made by services. Since 2005 our agency has been organizing different agricultural tours in Romania for foreign associations, cooperatives, companies and universities. All tours are tailor-made according to the client’s specific needs, and can include the following fields:
• Plant production 
• Animal breeding    
• Food industry
• Forestry 
• Visits at Agricultural Trade Shows and Exhibitions 
• Meetings with students and university teachers and with administrators of protected areas and national parks.

We make custom designed itineraries, so please contact us for sample tours or questions.