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Our office team is made of passionate people with interesting stories, brought together by the love and respect for the nature and authenticity.


“Enabling foreigners to see different perspectives and different realities of the life in Romania and thus contributing even in the smallest way to improve the country’s image in their eyes is what has  always motivated me most in this activity”  

Founder, Managing Director, Tour Designer, National Guide, Nordic Walking Instructor, fluent in English, French and Italian, Adina is a graduate of Economics and Tourism Management. Starting her own travel agency seemed the natural thing to do just after graduating university, as she’d been traveling and hiking around Romania for as long as she can remember.

One of her life goals is to contribute to the preservation of the long standing traditions and customs of the Romanian villages. In 2020 she moved to the countryside in her native area in North-East Romania, and, besides her constant activity of research and contact with the clients, now she is also involved in some activities of local development.


“My biggest interest lies in developing rock climbing first ascents, an activity to which I am profoundly dedicated since the end of 1990’s”.

Co-founder of Explore Romania, Adventure Tours Manager, Tour Designer, Sport Climbing Coach (since  2008), National Tourist Guide (since 2002), Mountain Guide (since 2014), Ski Instructor (since 2022), Member of Neamt County Mountain Rescue Team (1996-2000), Andrei is a Graduate of Law University in Bucharest, fluent in English and French.  

Besides rock climbing, his  passion for off-piste skiing has constantly grown in the last ten years. Trekking and MTB are filling the rest of the picture, while wandering through uncharted forest, peaks and valleys, quite often in search of mushrooms, is a constant thread in his everyday  life.  


“People tell me I have an inborn ability to find solutions to all sort of problems”

Co-owner of Explore Romania, Operation & Sustainability Manager, Tour Designer, fluent in English and reasonably experienced in French, solution-finder, Maria is an Economics Graduate who, even though started out in professional services and human resources, decided to prioritize her love  for travelling and desire to work alongside close friends and to thus join Adina and Andrei in the office in 2011.    

Maria is the direct contact with our clients. Her warm and kind nature doubled by her solid experience to deal with and respond  to clients‘ needs contribute significantly to a balanced and positive outcome in most projects. Recently, Maria took over the role of Sustainability Manager, focusing on improving both our sustainability as well as that of our partners.  

Some of our Tour Guides

Our guides' skills, passions and life experiences come together to provide their guests with the best possible ways to experience everything that Romania has to offer, in terms of nature, traditions and gastronomy.


“There’s nothing more exciting than sharing with others the experience of traveling!”

Fluent in English and French, Professional traveler by nature, National Guide, Mountain Guide, Member of the Association of Professional Guides in Transylvania, Raluca is an Arts Graduate who found her true vocation in studying Tourism Geography and who got a Master’s Degree in Tourism Development. Her enthusiasm and positive attitude when travelling are contagious. She always manages to make everybody in the group feel good and excited, despite bad weather or hard trail 😊.


„Always finding the strange, funny  side of things”    

Fluent in English and  French, Tour Guide and Teambuilding Trainer (since 2007), Mountain Guide (since 2020), sports events volunteer, passionate about wildlife photography, Ionuț is an Economics Graduate who switched [radically] from business consulting and banking to cycling and travelling.    

He is currently leading hiking and cycling groups all around Romania and he participates in international meetings and events which promote cycling, sustainable tourism and ecological projects.    


“I love sports that require both physical and mental strength, such as climbing and skiing, as they keep me grounded and  balanced”.  

The youngest and possibly most enthusiastic member of our team, Member of AGMR (Association of Mountain Guides of Romania) (since 2022), Ski Instructor (since 2021), student at the Faculty of Medicine in Brașov, Alex loves complex outdoors activities.  

His involvement in extreme sports since childhood made him start climbing and skiing; progress came fast, considering his mindset set out to push his limits. The desire to share the joy of skiing and climbing with others in a safe environment made him join AGMR (Mountain Guides Association of Romania). Thanks to his drive and involvement, he became an instructor for the beginner mountain guides before his graduation. This made him realize how important it is to upkeep strong communication skills in a team when being a leader and to stay calm and aware in dangerous situations.  


“My life is full of traveling and playing music, the two things I love the most”   

Fluent in French and  English, Tour Guide with 10 years of experience, Graduate of  the Music Academy, Diana worked as a music teacher for years, while also studying to become a tour guide, because travelling is another lifelong passion of hers. When she is not away guiding, she is teaching children and adults to have fun and relax through music.  


“Always in search of new ways of looking at things, be it inanimate like mountains or animate, like people”.

Our most technical guide, National Tourist Guide and Ski & Climbing Instructor (since 2006), Member of Suceava County Mountain Rescue Service (since 2003), UIAGM Guide and paramedic level 1 (since 2018), Graduate of Geography and Geology Faculty of the Iași University (in 2006), Nicu enjoys sport climbing, off-piste skiing, trekking, mountaineering and mountain biking.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, we are more than happy to design your trip to Romania!